Pumpkin and Maple masques; cold weather skincare

pumpkin maples

In the cool weather we are attracted to eating all those spicy, golden hued foods.  There is a reason for that; spices warm up the body and the beta-carotene that makes that golden color strengthens our inner workings.  And so it is with the care of the skin; warming it up in cool weather helps it to stay strong and less dry.  Just in time and just released for the season are my two at-home facial masques that enliven the skin for the coming months of cold.

Pumpkin masque photo

The Pumpkin Creme Masque is an at-home “peel” that dissolves the build-up of dead skin cells while moisturizing & warming the functions of the skin to energize natural cell renewal.  How does it do this?  Pumpkin contains natural enzymes that recognize protein and consume it (ever notice how smooth your hands are after carving a jack-o-lantern?).  Concentrated organic pumpkin puree targets dead skin cells to dissolve them leaving the skin super-smooth and ready for action.  A blend of alpha-hydroxy fruit acids – glycolic, lactic, tartaric and citric from grapes, lemons, passionfruit and pineapple –  work at loosening the dead cells first by dissolving the glue that holds them to the skin.  Sugary triglycerides extracted from coconut and palm kernel oils sooth and moisturize the skin while organic essential oil of cinnamon and extracts from autumn spices stimulate blood flow and warm the skin.  Moisturized well afterwards, the skin just glows!  See an at-home facial protocol at the end of this post.

maple masque dual imageMaple Jolt Masque energizes the skin to renew itself, softens the appearance of age and increases hydration.  How does it do this?  Maple syrup contains natural enzymes that, when applied to the skin, soften the upper layer “plumping” the skin to receive the benefits of additional ingredients.  This masque contains concentrated maple enzymes to triple up on the work.  Extracts of coffee and cacao (chocolate) are blended in to stimulate blood flow; more rapidly circulating blood carries oxygen to the skin and healing nutrients through the tissue that helps delay age and fight off environmental damage.  Also included are Glycoproteins, a combination of amino acids and peptides derived from yeast, that boast the oxygen content in the skin as well as energizing new cell production by enhancing the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the skin’s natural get-up-n-go electrical charge.  Additionally the GPs are moisturizing along with Beta-glucan, a sugary substance extracted from mushrooms.  Applied to clean skin and left in place for 10 minutes, this is a delicious and calorie-free cold weather treat!


  1. Cleanse skin well using the cleanser suited to your skin type; Purify Frothing Cleanser, Bio-Tanical Conditioning Cleanser or the EmolUlite Lipid Cleanse.
  2. Smooth on a light layer of Pumpkin Creme Masque avoiding the eye area and lips.  For sensitive skins leave on no longer than 5 minutes.  For other skin types, up to 10 minutes.  Splash off rinsing completely.
  3. While skin is still damp, smooth on a medium-thin layer of Maple Jolt Masque.  Leave in place up to 15 minutes.  NOTE: this masque is enhanced by wearing in a steamy environment; reclining in a bath, wear in the shower or put your face over a bowl of hot, steaming water.  Splash off.
  4. Moisturize immediately while skin is still damp.  Suggestion:  Use a pumps worth of Glow followed by your moisturizer of choice.  WOWWIE!

NOTE:  it is normal for the skin to redden a bit or a lot with either of these masques as they stimulate the flow of blood-which is the point!  Redness will disappear within 1 hour.