Product knowledge; FruitCocktail moisture fluid

Fruit Cocktail_AutoFruitCocktail moisture fluid is an anti-aging moisturizer that goes on thin yet finishes with a satiny, protected feeling.  It incorporates plant stem-cell technology and active extracts from fruit to provide new ways of protecting the skin from aging while helping it to renew itself more perfectly.  This non-comedogenic formula is an answer for acne sufferers as a solo moisturizer over treatment products and it also great for any skin type used alone or layered with other moisturizing treatments.

The starring ingredients in this formula are apple, orange and lingnon berry stem cells.   Plant stem cells, like human stem cells, have the ability to regenerate other cells when co-mingled.  Laboratory in-vitro (test tube) tests have shown this to be true with these ingredients.  The stem cells have been extracted with special technology preserving the active benefits of the fruit; the rare swiss apple Uttwiler Spatlauber noted for its longevity, Lignon Berry which is a “superfruit” rich in vitamins C, vitamin E, and polyphenols with protective and repairing properties and orange noted for it’s ability to protect against ultraviolet and infrared radiation.   These ingredients are valuable, however, the way it is combined to be most accessible to the skin is what makes this formula more active.

To enhance the activity of the formula is the addition of rhubarb root extract.  It contains the rhaponticin molecule the activates PPARy, a receptor that stimulates the growth of skin cells and also stimulates the production of skin lipids to protect against moisture loss.  These actives are suspended in coconut endosperm, the embriotic fluid from coconut rich in RNA, growth factors, minerals and vitamins to revitalize the skin and maintain its fluids.  Sodium hyaluronate, the key moisture binding component of skin cells, helps “fix” the moisture into the skin.

To protect against losing this increased moisture, Blackberry seed oil. It is fresh harvested, cold-pressed and naturally filtered through diatomaceous earth. It is a natural source of tocopherols, tocotriencols and lutien and is packed with the vital phytosterol beta-sitosterol.  Blackberry Seed Oil contains about 90% unsaturated fatty acids, 20% of which are omega-3’s.  Karite Fruit oil, the remaining oil from the refinement of shea butter, adds silky protection against moisture loss as well.

Extracts from the olive are used to emulsify and add silkiness to the product.  More importantly, this helps to penetrate the primary ingredients of the formula into skin causing them to remain active.  This moisture fluid is very different then the normal stearate-laden waxy moisturizers that just lay on the skin; it actually becomes part of the skin’s natural protective layer.