Curing dry cuticles

th-1Chalky-white dryness, splitting fissures, bleeding hang-nails and skin built-up over your nails like the pile of snow at the back of your driveway?   For softened, soothed and healed skin around the finger nails, both oil and water need to be reintroduced.  Here is what you need to do…

  1. Soak fingers in warm water for 5 minutes.  Lounging in the bath tub or taking a shower does the trick.
  2. Immediately push back cuticles with an *orange stick or *cuticle tool (note that they may still look ragged.)
  3. Immediately, while still warm and slightly damp, generously apply a fatty oil to the cuticles, nails and finger tips.  Rub in.  Suggested oils: olive, sesame, kukuki nut etc.  Oils or butters that are waxy or oils that are too thin do not work as well.
  4. Apply a good hand lotion over this.  A “good” hand lotion is one that lists oil in the top 5 ingredients.  The stearate-only lotions just sit on top of the skin.
  5. If your skin in particularly in bad shape then apply a healing salve on top of this as well.
  6. If you can stand it, put your hands inside of plastic bags for 10 minutes or so to heat up and penetrate the products.

To maintain this, do steps 3 and 4 every night.  If you can stand it, sleep with cotton gloves over all.  NOTE: sometimes very ragged cuticles need to be trimmed in which case I recommend a professional manicure.  Trimming at home tends to produce uneven and over-trimmed cuticles which can lead to infection.cuticlesorangest gelish-harmony-cuticle-pusher-and-remover-2-in-1-tool-gelish-01904-400x400