Fixing saggy, puffy allergy eyes

Saggy crepey eyes treatmentAllergies got the best of you?  Too much wine last night?  When the body looses moisture and/or the sinuses fill up, the thin delicate tissue around the eyes is the first place to show it.  The swelling stretches the tissue leaving it saggy, the dehydration leaves it crepey looking and the histamines from allergic reaction leave it irritated.  Here is a 10-15 minute eye treatment you can give yourself at home to relieve those symptoms.

  1. Drench inside and all around the skin of the eyes with anti-histamine eye drops.
  2. While skin is wet perform a little lymphatic drainage massage to release any accumulation in the sinuses.  See the how-to following…
  3. Wash face and eyes with a clear foaming face wash (not oils) or rinse eye area well with water.
  4. Consider rinsing the sinuses.  Most people I talk to are uncomfortable with neti pots.  I have used this spray bottle for years and love it.  Target or Walgreen…
  5. Drench all around the eyes with Euchlora’s EyesTea.  Let soak in and repeat 1 or 2 more times.  This contains herbs that act like natural anti-histamines, peptides that smooth fine lines and purge toxic accumulations that cause dark circles.  It also contains soothing hydrators and pomegranate extract that helps tighten the skin.
  6. Finally, pad a dab of squalane or argan or sweet almond oil around the eyes just on the bones not on the lid or too close to the lashes below (the skin pulls what it needs to the lash line).  A dab = 1/2 drop total for both eyes.  Too much oil will get into the eye and cause more puffiness.

lymphatic drainage

  • Using a gentle pumping motion with tips of your fingers, work around each eye where X s are shown, just in between the eyeball and the bone, to relieve sinus pressure. Continue this motion for one minute per eye.  NOTE:  I use both hands and do both eyes at once.
  • To continue relieving sinuses, add firm strokes downward as shown by the arrows  to force fluid away from eyes to drain out of the body.

For more tips on alleviating allergies, watch this TV interview with our own Dr. Angela and read the helpful tips on diet.