Preventing garden-dirty hands


I know many of you like me here in the east are having a grand time now FINALLY getting to dig in the dirt.  Even with gloves on though, you know that the dirt can get ground into your cuticles, get stuck under your fingernails and compress into cracks on your fingers.  Here is my secret for preventing that…

Before you put on your gloves, massage in a generous amount of hand salve into your cuticles, hands and also force some under your finger nails.  When you come in to clean up this will just wipe away.

I developed my Artist’s Hand Creme just for this purpose.  In addition to healing organic Calendula it also contains natural oils & waxes plus pure silicone that acts like a protective barrier.  Dirt cannot penetrate it.  It goes on heavy, then soaks in to leave a silky finish.  Stop by the studio or have me ship you some…Artists hand creme dual