Product knowledge; Outdoor Body Mousse

Outdoor body mousse composite

Introducing my latest concoction; Outdoor Body Mousse, a skin conditioning & soothing mousse-creme that provides natural, chemical-free sunblocking while additionally repelling bugs. It is sweat resistant, non-greasy with a subtle mineral-tinted glow that ends with a silky, dry finish. Along with zinc oxide, plant extract Eucalyptus Citriodoro creates an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin while providing an uplifting citrus/eucalyptus scent.  And FYI, the National Center for Disease Control lists Eucalyptus Citriodoro as a suitable replacement for DEET.

If you’ve read about my personal skin history you’ll know I get a rash in a flash.  I love my gardens and I love my walks but in New England the bugs love me even more.  And because I am highly allergic to DEET and sunspot so easily I have worked at creating something that allows me freedom to be outside.  This new version of an earlier product is a slam-dunk due to some new ingredient technology developed through olive oil chemistry allowing for the non-sticky formula.  Sitting in the yard side by side with David, black flies are all over him while not a one is touching me when wearing this. The smell reminds me of summer!

Water, argan oil, zinc oxide, essential oil Eucalyptus Citriodoro, Olivem (natural thickener produced from olive oil), citric acid, iron oxides, titanium dioxide, mica.

NOTES: Please note that the tint is fairly invisible so rather than creating a suntanned effect it simply masks the white of the zinc oxide.  The mica makes the skin look “moisturized” rather that matte from the oxides.  Please apply liberally for maximum insect repellent and for an SPF of around 25. You can use this alone or over another body lotion.

Introductory size 50ml/1 2/3oz $40.00 Jane’s clients discounted price – $24.00

To purchase or sample – 603-491-7305  jbalshaw@comcast