Did your skin get splotchy this summer?

splotchy skin compositeIn addition to the wonderful memories and sea shells we collected this summer, almost all of us (including me) have additionally collected some hyper-pigmentation in our skin. Beyond a “sun tan” that many crave, this uneven darkening or splotchy-spottiness stimulated by longer exposure to the sun each day, is a condition I see frequently in my practice and is the one condition that elicits the most complaints. Happily, by following the proper skin care regimen and using the right products, you can regain clarity in your skin.

For example, Elizabeth S. first came to me to see me a couple of years ago while visiting her sister in Canterbury. During our consultation, she told me that the brown spots on her face were bothering her and asked if anything could be done to alleviate them. I explained to her that the spots were a result of too much time in the sun and put together a plan for her that I felt would mitigate the damage. I’ll let Elizabeth take it from here:

“I live in Montana, so I’m outside a lot,” Elizabeth recalls. “I use sunscreen, but I still get a fair amount of exposure. I had developed dark spots above my eyes and on my cheeks, and when I first saw Jane a couple of years ago, she told me it was sun damage and recommended a skincare routine to follow that would help to repair the damage. I began using the Refining PLUS Concentrate and I’ve had great success—my spots have almost completely disappeared! Euchlora products are wonderful and they really work!”

Another client, Christine M., began to be troubled by the appearance of dark spots on her face after the birth of her first child. Although the patches were similar to Elizabeth’s in appearance, in this case they were melasma, a hormone-induced condition. Fortunately, for Christine as for Elizabeth, there was a remedy. Christine explains it best:

“I began having a problem with melasma right after giving birth to my oldest daughter. It started on my forehead, then moved to my temples, my cheeks, and finally to my upper lip. I spoke to Jane about the problem and she said it was likely hormonal. She recommended I start treating the condition with Euchlora’s Refining PLUS Concentrate. I began using the product and noticed a difference within a few weeks. The spots continued to fade over time, to the point where they are virtually imperceptible. And they haven’t returned!”

As the experiences of these two clients’ illustrate, hyper-pigmentation can be a troublesome condition, but handled properly, it’s not one that you must live with indefinitely.  Please contact me for your own consultation.  Jane

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