The benefits of chilling your face + summer facial special

Ice face 3

When the temperatures are up outside, the skin on your face struggles to regulate its temperature. Perspiration is released to cool it down but in the meantime blood vessels dilate, the tissue gets slack & puffy then irritation & breakouts ensue. Chilling the skin during these times not only halts the cycle of irritation but helps firm the skin and sculpt the face.

For years I have been a proponent using cold in a facial keeping a refrigerator full of herbal gel concoctions at my finger tips and ice to roll on the skin. The hot/cold strengthens blood vessels and seems to tighten up the underlying connective fibers in the skin for a more firmed facial complexion.  This thought process is catching on.

Read about ice rolling here and here

Cool down this summer in my studio. The Chilled Summer Garden Facial is 45 minutes of cool-down bliss with fruit acid exfoliation, toning & relaxing massage finished with my own garden tinctured rose geranium masque and ice rolling. The skin is left tightened and radiant! Air conditioned studio, view of the water, gentle sea sounds…. Take home a travel size of my Rehance Mist to replenish your skin during the summer, now through the end of August.  $70  BOOK

Cool down at home. Take home an ice roller to keep your skin in check at home.  Ice Roller $30.00HD Ice roller home front