Canterbury self-serve Barn Store opening

IMG_2403What does one esthetician do when so many of her good clients who need their skincare products are are so far away from her studio?

Mail order works, but for me personally, I like the experience of tactile shopping, exploring new products and having face to face time with the person I trust.  So I came up with a kitschy idea of carving out a space in my barn where I spend week-ends (located near my good client/friends) so they could still have me and have access to their product when I was not there.

Voila; the self-serve key-code access barn store!   Thanks for your interest everyone!FullSizeRenderFullSizeRenderFullSizeRenderFullSizeRender



2 thoughts on “Canterbury self-serve Barn Store opening

  1. Thanks Jane… Sorry I missed it. So much company!
    You have a good idea with your new shop. Since I’m in Concrd more, that will work for me.
    Will call for an appointment soon!

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