TRUE aromatherapies for the season

DSC04127It’s a festive time of year full of sights, sounds and smells that, at their best, trigger memories of good cheer.  But did you know that synthetic scents can actually trigger ill feelings and fatigue then create depression?

Our olfactory system of nose, sinus and throat is part of how our body monitors wellness.  Artificial scents that are not compatible with our body’s chemistry will trigger our histamine responses in an effort to keep that fragrance from penetrating our entire system.  Too much histamine in the body contributes to “the blues”; in fact early anti-psychotic medicines were actually strong anti-histamines.

So during this season when we are already stressed and perhaps eating too many foods that in themselves trigger histamines [wheat, sugar, alcohol…] why not embrace true aromatherapies for the home and for personal care.  Read more about aromatherapy here…

Here are some of the healthy seasonal Festives that I make with true, non-artificial aromatherapy, now in the studio available for shipping and in the Canterbury Barn Store.

Sensible Room Scents sprays in a holiday fragrance.  True essential oils of cold pressed orange peel, bay laurel and balsam fir.  2oz.   $15.00IMG_2693

Natural lip care.  Coconut Maple exfoliating lip paste.  Rub on dry flaky lips to remove dead skin cells and to condition lips.  Coconut oil, maple sugar, beeswax.  Orange Pumpkin penetrating lip balm.  Made to soak in, heal and protect while not leave waxy residue for true lip conditioning.  Shea butter, vitamin E, pumpkin seed oil, kukui nut oil, sweet almond oil, vegetable oil with soothing orange peel wax.   $10.00 eachIMG_2616

Order by contacting me directly…603-491-7305