Slow Food for your skin

Quick fix vs savored ritual. Our society is split over this. The Slow Food movement that started a while ago is becoming main stream now embracing local farmers and a proper table to sit down to. Yet our attitude towards the feeding of our skin seems to be the polar opposite. We want instantaneous results so we are drawn to the artificial quick fixes when in actuality, slower skin care rituals at home produce more lasting long-term benefits.

Holistic science does not support this idea of quick fixes to on-going skin conditions. Just like a rubber band and one of the laws of the universe, if you push the skin to its further most point, its immune functions engage to produce an equal and opposite reaction. This is the paradox of modern medicine; to treat one area often means we need to treat another area that reacts to the first treatment.

The value of slow home-care for your skin is measurable. The act of daily of applying skin topicals allows tissue to absorb, fill up and remain supported when it works to renew itself or has a crisis. Cosmetically, this looks differently than a one-time blast of creme (ie: because your skin felt lackluster)—the skin is rounded, smooth, translucent, and plumped full of dewy moisture. Scientifically, it looks different because it is different. Skin cells that are “fed” with the nutrients they loose with environment assault, are able to fight infection and are less likely to develop cancers.

Injecting fluids in the face to mimic this effect is just that; a mimic. It needs to be done over & over depressing each time in-between loosing the effect.

Taking epilepsy medication or antibiotics to avoid infected follicles [pimples] mimics healthy skin while causing ill-health in the whole body. The skin will continue to dysfunction without retraining it or eliminating the offending cause thus the need for meds becomes indefinite.

Continually peeling the skin may give a smooth appearance but depletes the skin; without support it continues to flatten thus forcing the perceived need to keep peeling.

And if you let those pre-cancerous keratosis form instead of keeping them at bay with good home care, the only answer is burning them off all the while damaging the skin and creating scaring.

The idea of taking some time each morning and night to care for one’s skin may seem foreign to some but the very act of slowing down, creates a ritual of self-care that nurtures the mind as well as the skin resulting in a peaceful glow that no needle can ever produce.

Thanks for reading, Jane

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Massage your face with a cleanser every morning to enliven and condition the skin.  Apply a serum that corrects and feeds the skin.  Moisturize on top if more is needed making sure that either your moisturizer or your make-up contains mineral SPF.

Remove all make-up every night, massage skin with cleanser followed by another serum and/or nourishing creme.  Your skin renews itself at night so don’t feed that process with stale make-up, treat it to a fresh helping of slow food.  🙂