Cheek color 50% OFF

NOW 50% OFF Pressed powder blush: A selection of colors to mimic a natural flush or to coordinate your personal color palette.

  • $7.50 for each pan.
  • Pop into an magnetized refillable compact – $7.50

Blush chart JPEG

TIPS:  The more fair a skin is, the more color shows; so brownish tones appear to be most natural.  Highly pigmented, darker complexions look best in a strong color to appear most natural—if blush is too brown it will make the skin look bruised.  Choose colors that mimic your shade of lipstick; ie: pinkish blush with rosy lipsticks, peachy blush with coral & russet lip color.

SPECIALITY POWDERS: Loose powders to add a finished look to face and cheek bones. 8 grams $30  May be custom blended.  Shown:  Blushing, Illuminating, Glow, Sunkissed.

BLUSH INGREDIENTS: Titanium dioxide (mineral), zinc and/or magnesium stearate (minerals), iron oxides (mineral color), may contain mica (mineral sparkle), sodium benzoate (food grade preservative)

LOOSE POWDER INGREDIENTS:  Titanium and zinc oxides (mineral SPF), kaolin clay (mineral), zinc stearate (mineral), magnesium carbonate (mineral), iron oxides (mineral color), may contain mica (mineral sparkle).