Eye color 50% OFF

NOW 50% OFF Mineral gel pencils: Define your eyes and lashes with easy-to-apply, silky smooth-on pencil color.  Mineral pigments, no parabens, hypo-allergenic and smudge-proof.  Removes easily with facial cleansers and a wash cloth or liquid/pad make-up removers.  $15 each

TIPS:eyeliner chart JPEG

  • Make your eyes look larger by lining top and bottom lashes with a pencil that most closely matches the darkest part of your hair. Your eyes will look smaller if you use a pencil that is darker than your hair color or if you line the inner lower lid.
  • Amplify your eye color by choosing a pencil color to line either your top or bottom lashes that most closely matches your eye color. If you line both top and bottom lashes with eye color your make-up will appear less neutral.
  • Make your eye color pop by using color theory!  Colors opposite each other on the color wheel are known as Complimentary Colors because of an optical effect that makes each other seems more vivid.  Team Aura & Tanzanite with green & hazel eyes, team Neptune, Navy & Tanzanite with golden-brown eyes, team Bonzai & Emerald with red-brown eyes, team Soft Brown & Topaz with blue eyes.
  • Soft brown = reddish medium brown, Topaz = metallic golden brown, Mythology = medium bronze brown, Brown = medium reddish brown, Quest truffle = dark dark brown, Ninja matrix = dark black, Gravity = metallic black green, Storm = charcoal, Neptune = ink navy, Navy = dark blue, Tanzanite = dark periwinkle purple-blue, Aura = purple, Bonzai = teal blue-green, Emerald = shimmering dark green.NOW 50% OFF

NOW 50% OFF Every Day mascara.  Lash lengthening and thicking without the crumbling of acrylic particles.  Smudge-Proof and non irritating.  The only downside to this mascara is that because it does not contain the irritating solvents it dries out after a while.  Add a bit of distilled water to freshen it and use up the entire tube!  $12.50

NOW 50% OFF Silky powder shadows: Individual eyeshadow pans to assemble a collection of colors that suits you best; $6.50 each.  See bottom of page for compacts to hold them.  TIP:  the best neutral colors for you are those that are already present in your own coloring; hair color light/dark, skin color light/dark and your eye color.  All other colors are those that would be an accessory color to coordinate with what you are wearing.  *colors are matte.

Eyeshadow Neutrals chart JPEG

Eyeshadow compacts

NOW ALL 50% OFF Large black compact for shadows or blush – $18, medium silver compact for 5 eyeshadows – $14, small screw top compact for individual eyeshadows – $6.50.  All refillable.

EYESHADOW INGREDIENTS: Titanium dioxide (mineral), zinc and/or magnesium stearate (minerals), iron oxides (mineral color), may contain mica (mineral sparkle), sodium benzoate (food grade preservative)