Lip color up to 75% OFF


This lip balm-type formula continues to be a winner for all of us.  It lasts and lasts, moisturizes our lips with healthy ingredients, doesn’t bleed and looks so completely natural on.  Made in-house, I create colors that are classically neutral and some to help coordinate with our clothing.  Roll-up lipsticks – $15 each  Let me custom blend your own signature color; $22


  • Fill your lips completely with a pencil first to make a solid lip color.
  • Nude shades and browns are neutral meaning you can wear them with any clothing color.
  • Burgundy colors are neutral on rosey complexions and red heads.
  • Rust & cinnamon colors are neutral golden complexions with warm hair color.
  • Choose vivid colors to accessorize your wardrobe or make a statement.

The chart on the right are the classics.  But I am constantly creating new shades and can custom-create your own signature shade that you can order and reorder.


Lip pencil chart JPEG

 I source these pencils from Germany where they have mastered this cosmetic both in smooth solid texture and rich color.  $8 each


  • Line your lips first to make a defined edge to apply your lipstick up against.
  • Hold your pencil at an angle when applying it, resting your hand on your chin.  This allows you to “pull” it on rather than pushing it against your skin which can lead to uneven lines.
  • Line from the outside in on both top and bottom lips.
  • Still touching the edge of your lips, line just outside to enlarge your lips or just inside to reduce the size of your lips.  See how here…
  • Browner liners will tone down the color of your lipstick making it more neutral.
  • Pinker/redder liners will intensity the color of your lipstick.