Masques and Poultices

Pumpkin Creme Masque: Dissolves build-up of dead skin cells while warming the functions of the skin to energize natural renewal.  Leaves skin super smooth & moisturized.

  • Concentrated pumpkin, triglycerides, blended alpha-hydroxy acids, cinnamon.  
  • 2oz. $24.00

Pumpkin masque photo

Maple Jolt Masque:  Energizes skin renewal while hydrating and softening the appearance of age.

  • Maple enzymes, glyco-proteins, beta-glucan, extracts of coffee & cacao.  
  • 2oz. $24.00

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Mineral Blemish Poultice: Applied directly to breakouts, this spot treatment will help flatten, dry out and heal active blemishes.

  • Sulfur, Zinc oxide, camphor
  • 1/2oz. $15.00


Terraflora Smoothing Masque: Removes build-up of dead skin cells and absorbs excess oil while calming tissue and negating infection.  Leaves skin super smooth. 

  • Montmoillonite clay, Blue Flag root, comfrey, blueberry extract, essential oils of blue cypress, rosewood, roman chamomile & french lavender.
  • 2oz  $24.00


C-Clear Scrub: A thorough cleansing poultice that dramatically smoothes the surface of the skin while lightening spots and tightening the skin.  Clarifying scent of lemon.  Don’t over do it with this product; it is the most scrubbiest scrubs on the market!

  • Ground rosehips, volcanic pumice, essential oil of lemon.
  • 2oz. $24.00


Lemon Honey Butter Masque:  A hydrating and mildly exfoliating masque that tightens the skin and improves its clarity.

  • 5% fat soluble and water soluble vitamin C, organic honey, essential oil of lemon.
  • 2oz. $24.00


MINERAL BLEMISH POULTICE INGREDIENTS: Water, Isopropyl alcohol – dissolves minerals; kills bacteria, Zinc oxide – soothing, anti-bacterial mineral, Sulfur – anti-bacteria mineral that helps to slough dead skin cells, Kaolin clay – anti-bacterial clay that absorbs tissue fluids, Sodium Cocylisethionate – a cleansing ingredient derived from coconut, Alcloxa – a soothing astringent ingredient derived from salts and comfrey root, Camphor – a soothing, anti-itch, anti-bacterial & healing plant extract, Chloroxylenol – an anti-bacterial phenol that helps to peel tissue, Iron oxides – absorbs tissue fluid and colors product.

TERRAFLORA SMOOTHING MASQUE INGREDIENTS: Purified NH spring water – hydrating, Montmoillonite clay – a blend of negative ionic minerals that when applied to the skin absorb oils and toxic impurities, Fleur-de-lis; Blue Flag root – the ground root of the wild Blue Flag iris that has a healing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.  Natural concentrates of salicylic acid help to exfoliate the skin and neutralize bacteria, Corn starch – plant starch that absorbs skin oil and smoothes the product, Comfrey; Allantoin – ground root and leaves of the comfrey plant that soothes and heals skin, organic vegetable glycerin – moisture binding ingredient to smooth product, Organic blueberry extract – a power anti-oxidant that fights damage & protects the skin, Essential oils of blue cypress, rosewood, roman chamomile and french lavender – have an anti-inflammatory, calming effect on skin and are naturally anti-septic, Polysorbate – a vegetable derived ‘sugar’ that helps bind water based ingredients to oil based ingredients, Benzylalcohol-DHA – Eco-certified preservative. Potassium sorbate – food grade preservative.

C-CLEAR SCRUB INGREDIENTS: Water – what all skin cells need to stay plump, Ground organic rosehips – exfoliant; high concentration of vitamin C; strengthens & tightens skin and capillaries, bleaches skin, provides anti-oxidant renewal properties, Polyglucose – a gentle foaming surfactant derived from coconut oil and corn starch, Organic vegetable glycerin – skin softening sugar extract from vegetable oil, Volcanic Pumice – exfoliant; finely ground volcanic mineral, Essential oil of lemon – the extracted essence of lemons; high concentration of vitamin C; strengthens & tightens skin and capillaries, bleaches skin.  Caprylic/capric Triglyceride – a moisturizing solvent sugar from Coconut, Coco-caprylate/Caprate – a moisturizing lipid composed of glycerin and fatty acids derived from coconut and palm kernel oils, Ceteraryl Glucoside – a moisturizing sugar extract from coconut oil, Glyceryl Stearate – a mixture of glycerin and fatty acids used to emulsify product, cetearyl “alcohol” – a moisturizing extract from coconut oil, Squalane – a super fine oil from olives, Honeysuckle extract – anti-inflammatory, rich in skin essential fatty acids, Fructooligosaccharides (D-Beta) – naturally occurring moisturizing carbohydrates derived from cane or beet sugar which promote healthy biotic bacteria to boost skin immunity, Beta-carotene vitamin A, water soluble – anti-oxidant skin repairing vitamin, Beta-carotene vitamin A, sat soluble – anti-oxidant skin soothing vitamin, Xanthan gum – a food-grade thickener made by fermenting sugars, Witch hazel extract – soothing, healing, Citric acid – anti-oxidant and preservative derived from citrus fruit, Phytic acid – an anti-oxidant from nuts & grains.  Enhances good bacteria in skin, Lithium Magnesium Sodium Silicate – a clay that naturally thickens the crème, Grapefruit seed extract – potent anti-oxidant preservative, Potassium Sorbate – a food-grade preservative.

LEMON HONEY BUTTER MASQUE INGREDIENTS: Organic NH honey – natural enzymes gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin & Humectant properties encourage moisture retention in the skin, Jojoba butter – a skin conditioning butter that helps penetrate the active properties of the vitamin C, Vitamin C L-ascorbyl palmitate 2.5% – fat soluble vitamin that gets stored in the lower layers of the skin to boast collagen production and help protect against photo-sensitivity, Vitamin C magnesium ascorbyl phosphate 2.5% –  water soluble vitamin C that works in the upper layers of the skin to clarify melanin and strengthen tissue, Organic vegetable glycerin – a natural humectant that encourages moisture retention in the skin, Soy lecithin – a viscous concentrate that helps emulsify oil and water ingredients, Polyglucose – a moisturizing sugar derived from coconut and corn that acts as a gentle surfactant and pH adjuster, Organic essential oil of lemon – clarifies skin tones.

PUMPKIN CREME MASQUE INGREDIENTS:  Organic pumpkin – contains natural enzymes to smooth skin and feeds skin with its inherent minerals & vitamins necessary for healthy tissue formation, AHA acid blend 2% – glycolic, lactic, tartaric and citric acids that loosen skin cells so that the enzymes can remove them and stimulate new cells and collagen production, Triglycerides – glycerin esters derived from coconut and palm kernels that moisturize and smooth the skin, Polyglucose – a gentle surfactant derived from coconut oil and corn starch used to adjust pH, essential oil of cinnamon – fragrance & exfoliates the skin, spice extract – fragrance & exfoliates the skin, Benzylalcohol-DHA – Eco-certified preservative.

MAPLE JOLT MASQUE INGREDIENTS:  NH purified spring water – hydrating;  maple syrup – a humectant that holds moisture to the skin.  Contains concentrations of manganese which enables the energizing process of skin cells, contains zinc that calms the skin and trace amounts of iron & copper that strengthen the skin; maple enzymes – trace enzymes found in maple sap that mildly exfoliates & stimulates cell renewal;  organic vegetable glycerin – skin softening & hydrating sugar extract from vegetable oil; beta glucan – a moisturizing polysacharide molecule derived from mushrooms that stimulates the repair & immune functions of the skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles; HE plant cellulose – natural thickener;  glycoproteins – yeast deriven proteins that oxygenate skin cells to energize their reproduction; coffee & cacao chocolate extracts – stimulate blood flow to detoxify skin and provide anti-oxidant strengthening to the skin; gluconolactone – a gluten-free food starch from corn used to emulsify ingredients;  sodium Benzoate – a food-grade preservative.