Essential Oil Blends:
Essential oils are pure plant essences which can be used directly on the skin or added to baths, perfumes, or diffusers for aromatherapeutic purposes. Containing powerful phytochemicals that act as nature’s medicine for the body, essential oils can treat rashes, bites, infections, and insomnia—just to name a few possibilities. Oils are sold by the drop or ml. Complimentary custom blending appointments are available.

Many  Euchlora products already contain E.O. but can be used separately.  Pre-filled blends: Sinus Relief, Rest Well, Lavenders

  • Directions:  Add 1 or 2 droppers of your favorite blend to your bath, body lotion, or diffuser, or simply on a cotton ball to inhale.
  • Key ingredients: Proprietary Blends of Pure Essential Oils
  • 1/2oz.  $15 / custom blends $15up  NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Room Sense: Sensible aromatherapy sprays to fragrance your rooms, purify the air, and lift your mood.

  • Directions: Spray into air as desired.
  • Ingredients: Proprietary Blends of Pure Essential Oils, Grain Alcohol, Water
  • 2oz. $15  STILL AVAILABLE