Masques/scrubs 33% OFF

At Home Facial Kit: NO LONGER AVAILABLE As part of my mission to educate and enable you to have top performance skincare in your own hands, I can create & assemble once-a-month treatments from my facial lab, some of which I would normally administer myself.

  • Directions: TBD
  • Key ingredients: TBD, Customized protocol and potions
  • $12.50 – $22.50 per step.  A standard facial can be 3 steps. by appointment

Give yourself a self-styled facial at home with the following masques.  Click on these links for some ideas and instructions…

Pumpkin Creme Masque: 7 LEFT An oldie but goodie, this creamy, fragrant masque exfoliates, energizes, and renews the skin. Enzyme-rich pumpkin dissolves build-up of dead skin cells while natural acids and Indian spices warm the skin to increase healthy circulation. Leaves skin super smooth, hydrated, and glowing. Great for most skin types.

  • Directions: Spread a medium-thick coat onto face and/or chest and back. Leave in place for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove product with washcloth or fingertips, then splash skin with water.
  • Key ingredients: Concentrated Pumpkin, Lactic Acid, Spices
  • 2oz $24

C Clear Scrub: 3 LEFT A deep cleansing, naturally exfoliating poultice that dramatically smoothes, tightens, and lightens the skin. Regular skin exfoliation resurfaces old and hyper-pigmented skin—revealing healthier tissues and allowing treatments to deeply penetrate the skin. In a creamy lemon base, this poultice actively scrubs the skin, yet rinses away clean. Recommended for most skin types. Avoid with acne pustules.

  • Directions: Apply 1/2 tsp to wet skin and gently massage, taking caution around skin creases and eye area. Rinse.
  • Key ingredients: Ground Rose Hips, Volcanic Pumice, Humectants, Lemon E.O.
  • 2oz. $24

TerraFlora Masque: 3 LEFT A rich and earthy masque to calm, detoxify, disinfect, and exfoliate the skin. Special ionically charged clay pulls toxins and oils from the skin, while soothing botanicals address breakouts, irritations, and dead skin cells. Suitable for all skin types.

  • Directions: Spread a medium-thick coat to face, chest, and/or back. Leave in place until dry, 5 to 10 minutes. Splash face with water to re-wet, then gently remove with a washcloth.
  • Key ingredients: French Clay, Blue Flag and Comfrey Root, Blueberry, E.O of Cypress, Rosewood, Lavender, and Roman Chamomile
  • 2oz. $24

Maple Jolt Masque: SOLD OUT A powerhouse masque that energizes, moisturizes, and softens skin for a visible boost. Natural caffeine from coffee and chocolate dilates blood vessels to increase circulation and oxygenate tissues. Supports a radiant complexion with a healthy flush. This is a great masque to use before a big event!

  • Directions: Smooth a thin coat over face, neck, and chest and let stay in place for 10 to 15 minutes. Splash off with cool or warm water then apply a moisture creme or serum.
  • Key ingredients: Maple Enzymes, Beta Glucans, Coffee and Cacao Extracts, Antioxidant Hydrators
  • 2oz. $24

Lemon Honey Butter Masque: SOLD OUT A thick and creamy gel masque that hydrates, tightens, and brightens the skin texture and tone. Rich in moisturizing honey and jojoba—along with the brightening compounds, vitamin C and lemon—this masque revitalizes dull and dry skin year-round. Double up with TLBC Concentrate for extra vitamin C benefits.

  • Directions: Smooth a medium-thin layer onto damp face and/or chest. Leave on until dry, 5 to10 minutes. Results are enhanced when used with steam. Remove by splashing skin with water.
  • Key ingredients: Honey, Jojoba Butter, 5% Active Vitamin C, Lemon EO
  • 2oz. $24
Shaker Herb and Mineral Masque: NOW AVAILABLE IN ARTISTS GARDEN A DIY botanical powder that can be mixed with your own liquids to create a medicinal paste. Concentrated herbs and clays promote healing of cuts, rashes, bug bites, poison ivy, and acne.
The Shakers were 18th century entrepreneurial herbalists and practiced botanical medicineRead more about Shaker Remedies.
  • Directions: Mix with various liquids and oils from your cupboards to make a soothing poultice.
  • Key ingredients: French Green Clay, Bentonite, Arrowroot, Colloidal Oatmeal, Southernwood and Comfrey Leaf (home-grown)
  • 1/4 lb. $24

Mineral Blemish Poultice: 24 LEFT A potent herbal poultice that disinfects, heals, and soothes blemishes. Applied directly to breakouts, this spot treatment will help flatten, dry out, and heal active blemishes to quicken recovery and prevent scarring.

  • Directions: Shake bottle. Dip a clean cotton swap into bottle to remove product, then apply directly to blemish. Let dry. Soften with water then rinse away. For added treatment and exfoliation, wear over-night.
  • Key ingredients: Sulfur, Kaolin Clay, Zinc Oxide, Camphor, Chlorophyllin, Alcloxa (from Comfrey Root)
  • 1oz. $18

MINERAL BLEMISH POULTICE INGREDIENTS: Water, Isopropyl alcohol – dissolves minerals; kills bacteria, Zinc oxide – soothing, anti-bacterial mineral, Sulfur – anti-bacteria mineral that helps to slough dead skin cells, Kaolin clay – anti-bacterial clay that absorbs tissue fluids, Sodium Cocylisethionate – a cleansing ingredient derived from coconut, Alcloxa – a soothing astringent ingredient derived from salts and comfrey root, Camphor – a soothing, anti-itch, anti-bacterial & healing plant extract, Chloroxylenol – an anti-bacterial phenol that helps to peel tissue, Iron oxides – absorbs tissue fluid and colors product.

TERRAFLORA SMOOTHING MASQUE INGREDIENTS: Purified NH spring water – hydrating, Montmoillonite clay – a blend of negative ionic minerals that when applied to the skin absorb oils and toxic impurities, Fleur-de-lis; Blue Flag root – the ground root of the wild Blue Flag iris that has a healing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.  Natural concentrates of salicylic acid help to exfoliate the skin and neutralize bacteria, Corn starch – plant starch that absorbs skin oil and smoothes the product, Comfrey; Allantoin – ground root and leaves of the comfrey plant that soothes and heals skin, organic vegetable glycerin – moisture binding ingredient to smooth product, Organic blueberry extract – a power anti-oxidant that fights damage & protects the skin, Essential oils of blue cypress, rosewood, roman chamomile and french lavender – have an anti-inflammatory, calming effect on skin and are naturally anti-septic, Polysorbate – a vegetable derived ‘sugar’ that helps bind water based ingredients to oil based ingredients, Benzylalcohol-DHA – Eco-certified preservative. Potassium sorbate – food grade preservative.

C-CLEAR SCRUB INGREDIENTS: Water – what all skin cells need to stay plump, Ground organic rosehips – exfoliant; high concentration of vitamin C; strengthens & tightens skin and capillaries, bleaches skin, provides anti-oxidant renewal properties, Polyglucose – a gentle foaming surfactant derived from coconut oil and corn starch, Organic vegetable glycerin – skin softening sugar extract from vegetable oil, Volcanic Pumice – exfoliant; finely ground volcanic mineral, Essential oil of lemon – the extracted essence of lemons; high concentration of vitamin C; strengthens & tightens skin and capillaries, bleaches skin.  Caprylic/capric Triglyceride – a moisturizing solvent sugar from Coconut, Coco-caprylate/Caprate – a moisturizing lipid composed of glycerin and fatty acids derived from coconut and palm kernel oils, Ceteraryl Glucoside – a moisturizing sugar extract from coconut oil, Glyceryl Stearate – a mixture of glycerin and fatty acids used to emulsify product, cetearyl “alcohol” – a moisturizing extract from coconut oil, Squalane – a super fine oil from olives, Honeysuckle extract – anti-inflammatory, rich in skin essential fatty acids, Fructooligosaccharides (D-Beta) – naturally occurring moisturizing carbohydrates derived from cane or beet sugar which promote healthy biotic bacteria to boost skin immunity, Beta-carotene vitamin A, water soluble – anti-oxidant skin repairing vitamin, Beta-carotene vitamin A, sat soluble – anti-oxidant skin soothing vitamin, Xanthan gum – a food-grade thickener made by fermenting sugars, Witch hazel extract – soothing, healing, Citric acid – anti-oxidant and preservative derived from citrus fruit, Phytic acid – an anti-oxidant from nuts & grains.  Enhances good bacteria in skin, Lithium Magnesium Sodium Silicate – a clay that naturally thickens the crème, Grapefruit seed extract – potent anti-oxidant preservative, Potassium Sorbate – a food-grade preservative.

LEMON HONEY BUTTER MASQUE INGREDIENTS: Organic NH honey – natural enzymes gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin & Humectant properties encourage moisture retention in the skin, Jojoba butter – a skin conditioning butter that helps penetrate the active properties of the vitamin C, Vitamin C L-ascorbyl palmitate 2.5% – fat soluble vitamin that gets stored in the lower layers of the skin to boast collagen production and help protect against photo-sensitivity, Vitamin C magnesium ascorbyl phosphate 2.5% –  water soluble vitamin C that works in the upper layers of the skin to clarify melanin and strengthen tissue, Organic vegetable glycerin – a natural humectant that encourages moisture retention in the skin, Soy lecithin – a viscous concentrate that helps emulsify oil and water ingredients, Polyglucose – a moisturizing sugar derived from coconut and corn that acts as a gentle surfactant and pH adjuster, Organic essential oil of lemon – clarifies skin tones.

PUMPKIN CREME MASQUE INGREDIENTS:  Organic pumpkin – contains natural enzymes to smooth skin and feeds skin with its inherent minerals & vitamins necessary for healthy tissue formation, AHA acid blend 2% – glycolic, lactic, tartaric and citric acids that loosen skin cells so that the enzymes can remove them and stimulate new cells and collagen production, Triglycerides – glycerin esters derived from coconut and palm kernels that moisturize and smooth the skin, Polyglucose – a gentle surfactant derived from coconut oil and corn starch used to adjust pH, essential oil of cinnamon – fragrance & exfoliates the skin, spice extract – fragrance & exfoliates the skin, Benzylalcohol-DHA – Eco-certified preservative.

MAPLE JOLT MASQUE INGREDIENTS:  NH purified spring water – hydrating;  maple syrup – a humectant that holds moisture to the skin.  Contains concentrations of manganese which enables the energizing process of skin cells, contains zinc that calms the skin and trace amounts of iron & copper that strengthen the skin; maple enzymes – trace enzymes found in maple sap that mildly exfoliates & stimulates cell renewal;  organic vegetable glycerin – skin softening & hydrating sugar extract from vegetable oil; beta glucan – a moisturizing polysacharide molecule derived from mushrooms that stimulates the repair & immune functions of the skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles; HE plant cellulose – natural thickener;  glycoproteins – yeast deriven proteins that oxygenate skin cells to energize their reproduction; coffee & cacao chocolate extracts – stimulate blood flow to detoxify skin and provide anti-oxidant strengthening to the skin; gluconolactone – a gluten-free food starch from corn used to emulsify ingredients;  sodium Benzoate – a food-grade preservative.

SHAKER HERB AND MINERAL MASQUE INGREDIENTS:  French green clay – absorbs impurities from the skin, arrowroot – soothes and buffers the strength of the clay, colloidal oatmeal – soothes, removes itch, bentonite clay – absorbs toxins from the skin with an ionic charge, allantoin – from comfrey root to heal, southernwood & comfrey leaf from my organic Canterbury gardens – heals and kills infection, chlorella algae – heals.