At-home facials for winter dry skin

tigycevkxcfkv8mdpnr3hmujFor those of us who live in cold winter climates, the life gets nearly sucked out of our skin on a daily basis. Below freezing temps & wind coupled with over-heated homes & offices halt the production of our naturally protective sebum [skin oil] and evaporates the water from our bodies. The result is skin that looks like the Bonneville Salt Flats, is irritable and prone to red rashes.

Simple measures at home, though, can erase this effect.  Keeping a good moisturizer on morning and night help maintain the skin but once it has lost it’s natural protective barrier then it needs treatment.  There is a mistake made by scrubbing away the visible dead skin cells; this only irritates the skin further.  The reintroduction of water to the surface cells then sealed in with sebum-like oil is what is needed.  The dry, dead skin cells will naturally release once the foundation of the skin is conditioned.

Following are a few facials that you can give yourself at home using my therapeutic products but you can also use substitutions if you are not able to acquire them from me.

DSC04882Quick Fix Shower Steam

  1. Apply a thick layer of Emolulite Cleanser to the face & neck while showering.  The glycerine in it absorbs the water from the air to plump the skin, the squalene oil in it clings to water too & conditions the skin naturally [because our skin’s own sebum contains squalene] and the blackberry seed oil feeds the skin with antioxidant protection.
  2. Remove cleanser with a warm wet washcloth.  Skin will feel soothed and plumped!  Apply moisturizer of choice.
  3. Substitutions: a mixture of honey and oil (be careful of thick, fatted oils that will clog the skin causing breakouts).  This will produce a similar effect yet not as pleasing nor as scientifically beneficial.

Relaxation Tub Facial

  1. Draw a bath for yourself, step in and, if possible, pull the curtain or close the door around you to allow steam to build up in the air.
  2. Wash face/neck with Purify Frothing Cleanser.
  3. Apply a medium-thick layer of Pumpkin Creme Masque.  Leave in place as your skin can tolerate, up to 8 minutes.  This will gently remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow to encourage healthy skin renewal while keeping the skin moist.  Remove product with a wash cloth and set aside.  Splash face with tub water to remove entirely.
  4. Apply a medium-thin layer of Lemon Honey Butter masque.  Leave in place for up to 15 minutes then splash off.  Towel dry face/neck when leaving tub.  Skin will be incredibly full and moist and rosy!  Apply moisturizer of choice.
  5. Substitutions: On clean skin apply a mixture of honey and oil (be careful of thick, fatted oils that will clog the skin causing breakouts) then remove by scrubbing a bit with a warm wet washcloth. This will produce a similar effect yet not as pleasing nor as scientifically beneficial.

Walk-around in-a-hurry facial

maple masque dual image

  1. On clean skin apply a medium-thick layer of Maple Jolt Masque.   Leave in place for up to 15 minutes.  This masque is great used in the tub or shower but when in a hurry it is enhanced by body movement and even exercise! Benefits include stimulating blood flow to detox skin & encourage new cell growth and increase hydration in skin.
  2. Splash off with warm water and immediately, while skin is still slightly damp, apply 2 pumps of Glow and 5 drops of Top Dressing Oil.  Once dry apply moisturizer over this as needed.  Skin will be glowing and plumped.  Any redness will dissipate within one hour.


Masques; the at-home summer facial

at home facialThere is nothing like a facial in my hands – so you tell me – but in the absence of my curative expertise you can refresh your skin at home by giving yourself facial. Beyond simple cleaning and moisturizing, applied facial masques can add additional benefits into your home skincare routine.

Masque benefits fall into two categories; “add in” and “take away”. Add-in masques contain specific skin nutrients and hydrate tissue to boost and enhance the skin’s functions. Take-away masques are designed to remove or pull out cellular waste to detoxify and smooth the skin. In my Euchlora skincare line the Lemon Honey Butter and the Maple Jolt are both add-in masques. The Terraflora Masque and the Pumpkin Enzyme Masque are both “take away” masques.

In the summer when our skin out-puts so much oil and perspiration flushes toxins to the surface of the skin, a take-away masque is of great benefit. Euchlora’s Terraflora smoothing and detoxifying Masque absorbs all the summer debris, soothes over-heated or broken out skin and kills bad bacteria that may form during the hot months. [this is the go-to masque for acne!] Following this with proper moisturizing leaves the skin gorgeously smooth and radiant.

Here is a facial you can give yourself at home that incorporates all the steps that happen in my professional facials:

  1. Cleanse the skin with your creamy cleanser of choice to remove make-up (MeadowMilk or Emolulite). Follow with a foaming cleanser for deep cleansing (Purify Frothing or Bio-tanical).
  2. Apply a medium thick layer of Terraflora Masque avoiding the eye area and let it dry. Once dry splash it off with tepid or cool water.
  3. On your damp face apply a thin layer of Lemon Honey Butter with vitamin C to moisturize and strengthen sun-exposed skin. Leave in place for 5 to 10 minutes. Splash off with warm water. Towel dry skin.
  4. Spritz face with Rehance mist.
  5. Apply one pumps worth of Glow (or GlowCustard for very dry skins) and roll on EyesTea around eyes.
  6. Finish with a layer of SummerSilk chemical-free sunblock.


Home remedies for stressed out Holiday skin

Holiday-shopping-1Holiday-ShoppingIs your fa, la, la, la, la dragging? Are you relying on all those holiday cookies and jolts of caffeine to keep you going, topped off with celebratory alcoholic beverages?  Most of us have way tooooooo much to do this season and right about now—in this most rushed week of the year—our skin starts revolting.

All those “cures” for exhaustion and stress actually create more stress on the body & skin by triggering the immune system.  Adrenaline is released into the skin causing hormonal cysts and the body redirects water & minerals from the surface of the skin to the inside offering more protection for its core inner organs leaving the surface of the skin depleted.  The effect creates the appearance of lack-lustre, blotchy and dry skin that is  itchy and prone to those big, red cyst-type break-outs that never seem to come to a head.


  1. Avoid soapy cleansers; instead remove make-up with oils like sweet almond or argan or rosehip by massaging in and removing with a warm, wet washcloth.  Better yet, use Euchlora Emolulite Cleanser with added benefits.  The oil conditions the skin so it can withstand the stress.
  2. Take a steamy shower or bath with pure lavender essential oil to decompress your stressy spirits and to provide an anti-inflamatory, anti-septic measure for your skin.
  3. Use clay masques to detoxify the skin.  Euchlora’s Terraflora Masque is really spectacular.
  4. Apply cold wet water compresses to the skin to drench it and calm it.  Again add a couple drops of pure lavender essential oil to the water.  Or let me blend something beautiful just for your individual countenance.
  5. Drench those break-out bumps with anti-histamine eye drops.  It will reduce the swelling and in many cases make it disappear.
  6. Moisturize morning and night to keep the skin strengthened.


  1. Drink LOTS of water to flush the stress hormones from the body and help replenish water loss in the skin.  I know, I know, I know….
  2. I love the little tablets called Calms Forte available at Health Food Stores and some grocery stores in that section.  They calm the nervous system which in turn curbs the release of the hormones that deplete the skin and the body.
  3. Take something off your list so that your nervous system can relax a little.

BE HAPPY, BE WELL…I am thinking about you and your skin!  Jane

Pumpkin and Maple masques; cold weather skincare

pumpkin maples

In the cool weather we are attracted to eating all those spicy, golden hued foods.  There is a reason for that; spices warm up the body and the beta-carotene that makes that golden color strengthens our inner workings.  And so it is with the care of the skin; warming it up in cool weather helps it to stay strong and less dry.  Just in time and just released for the season are my two at-home facial masques that enliven the skin for the coming months of cold.

Pumpkin masque photo

The Pumpkin Creme Masque is an at-home “peel” that dissolves the build-up of dead skin cells while moisturizing & warming the functions of the skin to energize natural cell renewal.  How does it do this?  Pumpkin contains natural enzymes that recognize protein and consume it (ever notice how smooth your hands are after carving a jack-o-lantern?).  Concentrated organic pumpkin puree targets dead skin cells to dissolve them leaving the skin super-smooth and ready for action.  A blend of alpha-hydroxy fruit acids – glycolic, lactic, tartaric and citric from grapes, lemons, passionfruit and pineapple –  work at loosening the dead cells first by dissolving the glue that holds them to the skin.  Sugary triglycerides extracted from coconut and palm kernel oils sooth and moisturize the skin while organic essential oil of cinnamon and extracts from autumn spices stimulate blood flow and warm the skin.  Moisturized well afterwards, the skin just glows!  See an at-home facial protocol at the end of this post.

maple masque dual imageMaple Jolt Masque energizes the skin to renew itself, softens the appearance of age and increases hydration.  How does it do this?  Maple syrup contains natural enzymes that, when applied to the skin, soften the upper layer “plumping” the skin to receive the benefits of additional ingredients.  This masque contains concentrated maple enzymes to triple up on the work.  Extracts of coffee and cacao (chocolate) are blended in to stimulate blood flow; more rapidly circulating blood carries oxygen to the skin and healing nutrients through the tissue that helps delay age and fight off environmental damage.  Also included are Glycoproteins, a combination of amino acids and peptides derived from yeast, that boast the oxygen content in the skin as well as energizing new cell production by enhancing the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the skin’s natural get-up-n-go electrical charge.  Additionally the GPs are moisturizing along with Beta-glucan, a sugary substance extracted from mushrooms.  Applied to clean skin and left in place for 10 minutes, this is a delicious and calorie-free cold weather treat!


  1. Cleanse skin well using the cleanser suited to your skin type; Purify Frothing Cleanser, Bio-Tanical Conditioning Cleanser or the EmolUlite Lipid Cleanse.
  2. Smooth on a light layer of Pumpkin Creme Masque avoiding the eye area and lips.  For sensitive skins leave on no longer than 5 minutes.  For other skin types, up to 10 minutes.  Splash off rinsing completely.
  3. While skin is still damp, smooth on a medium-thin layer of Maple Jolt Masque.  Leave in place up to 15 minutes.  NOTE: this masque is enhanced by wearing in a steamy environment; reclining in a bath, wear in the shower or put your face over a bowl of hot, steaming water.  Splash off.
  4. Moisturize immediately while skin is still damp.  Suggestion:  Use a pumps worth of Glow followed by your moisturizer of choice.  WOWWIE!

NOTE:  it is normal for the skin to redden a bit or a lot with either of these masques as they stimulate the flow of blood-which is the point!  Redness will disappear within 1 hour.