Home remedies for stressed out Holiday skin

Holiday-shopping-1Holiday-ShoppingIs your fa, la, la, la, la dragging? Are you relying on all those holiday cookies and jolts of caffeine to keep you going, topped off with celebratory alcoholic beverages?  Most of us have way tooooooo much to do this season and right about now—in this most rushed week of the year—our skin starts revolting.

All those “cures” for exhaustion and stress actually create more stress on the body & skin by triggering the immune system.  Adrenaline is released into the skin causing hormonal cysts and the body redirects water & minerals from the surface of the skin to the inside offering more protection for its core inner organs leaving the surface of the skin depleted.  The effect creates the appearance of lack-lustre, blotchy and dry skin that is  itchy and prone to those big, red cyst-type break-outs that never seem to come to a head.


  1. Avoid soapy cleansers; instead remove make-up with oils like sweet almond or argan or rosehip by massaging in and removing with a warm, wet washcloth.  Better yet, use Euchlora Emolulite Cleanser with added benefits.  The oil conditions the skin so it can withstand the stress.
  2. Take a steamy shower or bath with pure lavender essential oil to decompress your stressy spirits and to provide an anti-inflamatory, anti-septic measure for your skin.
  3. Use clay masques to detoxify the skin.  Euchlora’s Terraflora Masque is really spectacular.
  4. Apply cold wet water compresses to the skin to drench it and calm it.  Again add a couple drops of pure lavender essential oil to the water.  Or let me blend something beautiful just for your individual countenance.
  5. Drench those break-out bumps with anti-histamine eye drops.  It will reduce the swelling and in many cases make it disappear.
  6. Moisturize morning and night to keep the skin strengthened.


  1. Drink LOTS of water to flush the stress hormones from the body and help replenish water loss in the skin.  I know, I know, I know….
  2. I love the little tablets called Calms Forte available at Health Food Stores and some grocery stores in that section.  They calm the nervous system which in turn curbs the release of the hormones that deplete the skin and the body.
  3. Take something off your list so that your nervous system can relax a little.

BE HAPPY, BE WELL…I am thinking about you and your skin!  Jane

Product knowledge; MeadowMilk Gentle Cleanser

DSC05788MeadowMilk Gentle Cleanse is a soothing honey-scented face cleansing lotion that glides on silky smooth to dissolve all make-up and dirt while balancing the immune-system flora present on the surface of the skin leaving it moist and conditioned.  It incorporates the natural enzymatic action in meadow-harvested honey to break down dead skin cells while essential nutrients in Meadowfoam seed oil offer anti-aging cleansing.  Cold processed, this is truly like active nutrition for your skin and most skin types will benefit from it used as part of a routine.  (NOTE: many of you will prefer this to the Bio-Tanical Cleanser as it goes on similar to the previous Conditioning Biotic Cleanser).

The main active ingredient in this cleanser is local honey from the North Family Farm in Canterbury, New Hampshire.  Harvested from bees that forage the non-polluted meadows of the 1792 North Family Shaker farmland, this is a gorgeously scented, luscious honey teaming with healthy flora and active enzymes.  Enzymes work to break down proteins and debris thus it is as good for the surface of the skin as well as our gut.  Introducing the essences of plant material contained within also helps keep our immune system boosted (the skin is the largest part of our immune system!)

The second main ingredient is Meadowfoam Seed oil.  This highly stable anti-oxident oil is cold pressed from the seeds of Limnanthes Alba plant noted for its superior nutritional quality and its ability heal the skin.  Oil is the best solvent for grease so while conditioning the skin, the Meadowfoam seed oil also breaks down & emulsifies sebum, perspiration and make-up to wash away with a warm cloth.  Like the C.B.C. many of you will enjoy spreading it on, leaving it in place like a masque then just adding water later to whiten it up to remove.


Product knowledge; Bio-Tanical and EmolUlite cleansers

DSC04872Bio-Tanical Conditioning Cleanser is a cleansing lotion that softens, calms and improves the skin’s ability to renew itself all the while deep cleaning away dirt, excess skin oil and/or make-up.  This highly unique formula massages in creamy then, when splashed with water, foams to allow all to be rinsed away.  The skin feels smooth, protected, not-tight yet super squeaky clean.  Recommended for all skin types.

Healing rosehip oil extracted from the wild rose Rubinginosa is the starring active ingredient in this formula.  Highly prized for its ancient tradition of healing, its natural vitamin C content soothes the skin and promotes skin cell renewal.  Co-starring is organic Amaranth grain protein (gluten-free) as a natural foaming peptide that is nutritious for the skin.  Peptides are mini-proteins that occur naturally in the body as a by-product of cellular breakdown and act as redirectors telling the skin to renew itself.  Introducing additional peptides signals increased renewal.

The formula is also bumped up with plant extracts to help sooth and heal.  Olive leaf, Epilobium, and Plantago Laceolata extracts act as natural antibiotics, anti-oxidants and moisturizers.  Horse Chestnut, Birch bark and Ginkgo Biloba support the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, that supportive, anti-sag lower layer.  All ingredients together help maintain and encourage healthy, firm and lively skin.

DSC04882EmolUlite Lipid Cleanse is a non-comedogenic “oil” cleanser that deeply cleanses and softens the skin while maintaining and restoring the skin’s natural protective barrier.    Styled in the fashion of old world cleansers, this natural shake-n-pour formula is unusual in that it is self-emulsifying allowing all the benefits of conditioning, protective lipids yet leaves the skin feeling clean.  It is recommended for normal to dry skins, as a make-up removal first cleanse and also for impacted acne skins as it helps to soften and dissolve blackheads.

This very simple natural product features squalane, a non-oil lipid that is extracted from olives.  Squalane occurs naturally in our own skin’s sebum and is key in helping to form the protective lipid barrier in our skin that wards off potential infection and environmental damage.  Another helpful lipid that is included is blueberry seed oil.  The high bush berry, vaccinium corymbosum from the state of Washington, is fresh harvested, cold-pressed and naturally filtered through diatomaceous earth. Full of nutritious Omega-3 fatty acids, skin healing chlorophyll and vitamins A & E, it soothes and nourishes the skin while helping with the cleaning process.  Think; oil dissolves oil in the same way that one would clean the oxidized dirt in a cast iron pan with some vegetable oil.

To emulsify the oils to help remove the excess and heavier oils, organic vegetable glycerin is included.  As a natural sugar it forms a lotion consistency when mixed with oil.  Also included is sulfosuccinate, a very gentle foaming emulsifier derived from naturally occurring succinic acid.  This grassy, blueberry smelling product is as delicious to smell as it is to use.