The benefits of chilling your face

Ice face 3

When the temperatures are up outside, the skin on your face struggles to regulate its temperature. Perspiration is released to cool it down but in the meantime blood vessels dilate, the tissue gets slack & puffy then irritation & breakouts ensue. Chilling the skin during these times not only halts the cycle of irritation but helps firm the skin and sculpt the face.

For years I have been a proponent using cold in a facial keeping a refrigerator full of herbal gel concoctions at my finger tips and ice to roll on the skin. The hot/cold strengthens blood vessels and seems to tighten up the underlying connective fibers in the skin for a more firmed facial complexion.  This thought process is catching on.

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Masques; the at-home summer facial

at home facialThere is nothing like a facial in my hands – so you tell me – but in the absence of my curative expertise you can refresh your skin at home by giving yourself facial. Beyond simple cleaning and moisturizing, applied facial masques can add additional benefits into your home skincare routine.

Masque benefits fall into two categories; “add in” and “take away”. Add-in masques contain specific skin nutrients and hydrate tissue to boost and enhance the skin’s functions. Take-away masques are designed to remove or pull out cellular waste to detoxify and smooth the skin. In my Euchlora skincare line the Lemon Honey Butter and the Maple Jolt are both add-in masques. The Terraflora Masque and the Pumpkin Enzyme Masque are both “take away” masques.

In the summer when our skin out-puts so much oil and perspiration flushes toxins to the surface of the skin, a take-away masque is of great benefit. Euchlora’s Terraflora smoothing and detoxifying Masque absorbs all the summer debris, soothes over-heated or broken out skin and kills bad bacteria that may form during the hot months. [this is the go-to masque for acne!] Following this with proper moisturizing leaves the skin gorgeously smooth and radiant.

Here is a facial you can give yourself at home that incorporates all the steps that happen in my professional facials:

  1. Cleanse the skin with your creamy cleanser of choice to remove make-up (MeadowMilk or Emolulite). Follow with a foaming cleanser for deep cleansing (Purify Frothing or Bio-tanical).
  2. Apply a medium thick layer of Terraflora Masque avoiding the eye area and let it dry. Once dry splash it off with tepid or cool water.
  3. On your damp face apply a thin layer of Lemon Honey Butter with vitamin C to moisturize and strengthen sun-exposed skin. Leave in place for 5 to 10 minutes. Splash off with warm water. Towel dry skin.
  4. Spritz face with Rehance mist.
  5. Apply one pumps worth of Glow (or GlowCustard for very dry skins) and roll on EyesTea around eyes.
  6. Finish with a layer of SummerSilk chemical-free sunblock.


It’s time to change your skincare routine

summer outdoorsIt’s time to change your skincare routine.  When the weather warms and the moisture levels in the air change, your skin can do with less or perhaps different skincare products. If you spend your time indoors in an air-conditioned controlled environment then there is no need to change.

IN WARM HUMID WEATHER:  The skin self-hydrates with perspiration and the humidity in the air is attracted to the products on your skin so you need less.  Too much product trapping the moisture & salts from perspiration can cause irritation or break-outs.

  • Use less super-hydrating products.
  • Use less layers of products.
  • Lighten up the texture of your products.

My personal day time routine has changed from RefiningPLUS Concentrate under Glow under GlowCustard with moisturizing make-up foundation to now using RefiningPlus Concentrate under FruitCocktail with SummerSilk then my custom-blended mineral powder foundation.  At night I am used TLBC alone on humid days and adding a thin layer of GlowCustard over that on other days.

IN HOT DRY WEATHER:  The heat accelerates moisture evaporation so there is a greater need to add hydration.  While some oil is needed to help maintain the moisture in the skin, products that are too heavy can contribute to holding the heat in the skin causing damage.

  • Add more super-hydrating products.
  • Mist the skin with moisture binding nutrients regularly.
  • Use products that let the heat of the skin escape (avoid oil-free silicone type products).

A wonderful day time routine for hot, dry weather would include the use of both Glow and Rehance Mist followed by a medium weight moisturizer of choice.  At night the routine could be repeated.  

Many of my clients are having me custom-blend tinted moisturizers right now to help simplify their summer skincare routine.  Please contact me if you are also interested in your own version of this BB Creme type product.

Jane 603-491-7305

Product knowledge; Rehance Mist

IMG_0038Rehance Mist is a deeply hydrating and replenishing liquid that occludes to the skin in a unique way.  Through the incorporation of a heavier water (D2O), when spritzed on to the skin, it plumps the cells filling them with the nutrients that enables it to stay moist and, therefore, functionally younger.

D2O, Deuterium Oxide, is one of nature’s quirky little compounds, a water containing extra hydrogen.  This extra hydrogen lends some weight; D2O is about 10% heavier than normal water.  Applied to the skin, this weight allows it to flow through the tissue slower than normal water so the skin maintains water content more effectively.  The major benefit of this is that it keeps the glucose in the skin flowing rather than drying and crystallizing which cuts and fractures the cells.  Fractured cells show up as aging in the skin.

Added to the mist to be carried into and held in the tissue by the D20, is the hydrator Hyaluronic Acid (or sodium hyaluronate).  This water-retention compounds occurs naturally in the skin cells.  But as we age our body does not manufacture it as much, so aging and flattened, sagging skin is in part a result of this loss.  Reintroducing and replenishing this loss gives the skin an immediately plumper smoother look while supporting the skins functions of youth.  Marine minerals extracted from algae also added aid in the moisture retention.

Because water is a natural solvent, aqueous solutions have the ability to penetrate ingredients deeper into the skin than creams or lotions can, so this heavier water mist provides a great vehicle for additional additives.  Lupine flower seed peptides (mini proteins) are added to help stimulate the skin to produce more collagen protein, the protein that firms and is the supportive structure of skin.  Elderberry extract is added to for its ability to act as a scavenger of mutant free-radical cells that age the skin.  It also helps fight yeast and fungal infections in the skin.  Along with this extract is licorice root, horse chestnut, calendula, oat straw and marrubium herbal extracts each of them acting to sooth, strengthen and brighten the skin.  Water soluble vitamin B5, panthenol, is also added to sooth and hold water content in place.

One of the principles esthetic formulators like myself consider is that to really get treatment into the skin you need to use small particles and a vehicle to help penetrate then.  This mist accomplishes that and it a great first step to any anti-aging skin routine.  Consider using this mist if:

  • You have chronically dry skin.
  • You are traveling.  The body looses 8 oz. of water in each hour traveled in an airplane.
  • You are prone to itchy rashy skin; have dermatitis, seborrhea…
  • Your skin is injured due to acne, sunburns or otherwise.
  • You want to add some extra anti-aging benefits into your skin routine.

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