Due to privacy concerns, I rarely take before and after photos.  When our skin has gone awry most have self esteem issues and the last thing we want is a camera in our face.  Please let these words speak for themselves.


12/12/13   “Hi Jane,  You were so nice to take the time to notice and ask about the 2 rashy spots on my hand at my facial the other day.  You suggested your hand and body lotion and whipped up a bottle with a few extra ingredients for me before I left.  It has been 3 days that I have been applying the lotion to the breakout of rashes on my hand, back, arms and legs.  I had tried cortizone and prescribed steroid creams and Eucerin lotion for the last 6 weeks without luck — still itchy (keeping me up at night), red and not resolving.  Well, I am seeing results with your hand and body lotion!  The bumpiness has relaxed, not itchy last night = SLEEP, redness diminishing and I think I may just be on the road to recovery, thank goodness!

Two Lessons Learned:  Always consult with Jane with skin issues immediately as she always has a solution.  And never be shy to tactfully use your expertise to help others.  If you had not inquired of my rash on my hand I would still be itching!


Thanks so much for what I refer to as ‘your magic’!  And please feel free to share this story with others as I am sure I am not the only one that gets these lovely rashy breakouts – especially in this weather!


Sincerely,  Kandi”


3/20/13  “A dramatic difference with only a few amazing products! Thank you Jane for your gentle care, your focused approach and sincere desire to solve my troubling skin care concerns. I am amazed with the results in just one week! And I can’t get over how fortunate we are to have someone with your expertise and holistic outlook here in NH. Having spent a fortune on skin care and make-up with stores consultants focused on the sale, I am delighted as well with your pricing. Affordable, delicious, and so healing. I love working with you and I will HIGHLY recommend you to all the gals I know. Thank you!”  Susan H., New Hampshire

3/12/13 “Jane has been helping me with my facial care needs for almost a one and a half years now, and I am THRILLED with the results. Prior to seeing her, I was plagued with persistently bad skin, and nothing I tried was effective. My work is very physical and dirty (I’m a farrier, so I spend all day outside, in barns, and in front of a forge making shoes and working on horses!), so I didn’t have a lot of hope. It took about 9 months of a progressive program that Jane custom designed for me to fully work through the barrage of innate and environmental assaults on my skin, but I stuck with it, and WOWZA it worked! I’m on a very simple routine now, and my skin has been so good for the past few months that I don’t even feel the need to use makeup. YAY, thank you Jane!”  Stacia L., New Hampshire

1/18/13  “Breathing and imagining being all cocooned and safe in your nest.  My skin looks so much better today. Also, the change to my foundation is perfect.  You are a miracle worker!!!”  C.C., New Hampshire

5/31/12  “Well- further success with your products.  The redness on my cheeks is probably 75% gone.  Such a change that my daughter’s boyfriend noticed. Wow!”  Sue, California

11/30/12  “I just wanted you to know that the facial you did yesterday FAR exceeded my expectations.  My forehead looks 90% better….after just the one facial!  To say I am pleased is an understatement….I am amazed!  As I said yesterday, I feel I am in such competent hands.  I’ll look forward to continuing to work with you to get my skin at its best.  If this is what can be done with ONE facial I am excited to see how it will look in a few months.  My only regret is not doing it sooner. Thank you so much for getting me on the right track.” Christine C., New Hampshire

7/12  To a wholesale client: “I’m just writing you to let you know that I like the Tranquility Gel.  I am putting it on under my lotion/sunscreen and I think it is keeping my skin in much better shape.  …..  I also like the price and the nozzle on the top of the bottle.  Just two little squirts are enough to cover my whole face and it goes on really easily.  Feel free to give my feedback to Jane.  She was a lovely lady and I’m pleased that she’s creating new stuff again.”  Anne, California

1/11/12  “Got my lovely package and love everything, actually.  The foundation seems just terrific–covers well without feeling heavy handed. Luminous without being sparky or shiny. And the color seems perfect. So that’s all great.  I’ve done the masques twice so far. Figured out I need to put on a thicker layer of the Terraflora just to be able to spread it around more evenly/easily, but it worked effectively even applied thinner. And the Maple Masque is just amazing; smells yummy, is a unique texture, and leaves my skin feeling wonderfully moist and supple.The Comfort Creme is just that; a cuddly satin blanket for my tired and/or stressed surface defense system. In fact, now that I have the complete Euchlora arsenal, there’s no messing with the resulting radiance. Really. My skin hasn’t looked this good in ages.   So thank you, thank you. I actually look forward to the daily regimes. Sooo much more fun than flossing!”  Kay, California

10/3/11  “Hi Jane, I really want to take a moment to thank you for your acne healing and prevention products.  They have done wonders for Richie — his face looks awesome.  Richie is so happy with the results – especially after trying so many different products & acne systems out there.  Over the counter and prescribed, I truly think we tried them all!

I remember us on vacation just this past May and seeing how out of control Richie’s acne had become.  It was not just a patch here and there but had taken over his whole face.  And as his parents we felt so badly not knowing what to try next.  Richie was shy enough at his age of 15.  I believe the acne was part of the reason he was so shy.  It was amazing how quickly your products healed his acne.  He started seeing great improvement in less than 2 weeks (and without any drying, soreness, irritation, redness, etc).   He began using your products in June and in July he was looking great.

He will be 16 in a couple of weeks and it is comforting to know he is not worried about how he looks.  And we have seen great changes in Richie this past summer — more outgoing, not so shy.  Maybe it is maturity but I believe it is his confidence with his appearance.  His younger sister has begun to use your products so she can have a clean, healthy face.   She is so lucky!

We will be sure to pass your name along to anyone that is ‘battling’ acne.  You are a hero! Kandi, New Hampshire

7/18/11  I absolutely cannot believe the difference in my appearance.  It’s totally me only much better.  I love it!!  Thank you so much for being you!  Lynn, New Hampshire

6/11 “Tell everyone that something that has attracted unwanted attention on my arm is gone ….that even the skin tone is more even around it and was painless….where my dermatologist told me that insurance would not pay to have it removed…and that he would have to cut it out which would only create another scar……” K, New Hampshire

6/11  “I am certainly very dedicated to the products and the routine. It’s the first time in my life that I have not had difficulty sticking with it. You have no idea how many times and product lines I have gone through! “  Irene, New Hampshire

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How much water does your skin need?

originalHydrate, hydrate, hydrate. This fad-ish conversation of drinking more water has really got us thinking. Being properly hydrated helps our joints and helps our digestion but no where in this recent dialog am I hearing about how much we need for our skin.

“Back in the day” diet counselors and skin clinicians said to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. That 64 ounces felt like swimming in a 100 lb. woman but to a highly active 180 lb. man it bordered on dehydration. Most modern health advocates give us the formula of dividing your body weight in half and drinking that number of ounces. But where the skin is concerned there is more to consider.

Given that our bodies are 75% water it does make sense that we need to constantly replenish it to keep it going. Our skin specifically needs water to remain plump but interestingly only around 15% of what goes in our mouth ever makes it to the surface. This lack is compounded by the fact that as we age some of the bio-chemical components within the cells that are responsible for holding water in place diminish and our natural skin oils that form an evaporation protection barrier lessens.

Only 15% of the water we drink ever makes it to the surface of the skin.

This means that perhaps we need more water and definitely need to prevent dehydration. Once a cell flattens from lack of water it is very difficult to plump it back up and prolonged dehydration crystallizes some of those bio-chemicals leaving shards that can cut and damage cells. Damaged cells = wrinkles.

So how much is enough? That modern formula is seems to be pretty perfect but consider that if we are consuming dehydrating liquids or are exposed to wind & sun, or heat our homes with wood and forced air, or are perspiring daily with exercise, or flying on airplanes, we need even more. You know what they say; if you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated. And if your skin looks crepey like a desert floor then you are way, way past dehydration.

To keep your skin plump, in addition to the water consumption formula above, here are some replenishment calculations to help you understand your skin’s need for water:

  • Coffee, black or green tea, caffeinated sodas, alcohol.  These are all diuretics which means they cause the body to expel as much water as they put in.  For each ounce consumed replace with an equal amount of water.
  • Laxatives, magnesium.  These draw the water from the central parts of the body to the bowels and in the process dehydrating the outermost part of the body.  Drink several glasses of water for each one taken.
  • Hormonal therapies.  These block hormones that regulate the production of skin oil so skin dehydrates very quickly.  Drink as much extra as you can with water beverages that increase your electrolytes for better maintenance.
  • Flying on airplanes.  The air in the cabin is de-humidified to lighten the load of the plane so bodies dehydrate quickly.  For every hour on the plane drink 8 oz. of water.  Additionally misting the skin with water hourly is helpful.  My Rehance Mist is excellent for this.  NOTE: Most air sickness is due to dehydration.
  • Perspiration.  If you perspire a lot, many health advocates are recommending consuming up to a gallon of water.  I calculate that for every hour of perspiration I need an addition 16 oz. of water.
  • Exposure to the outdoor elements or over-heated homes.  Wind and sun dehydrate the surface of the skin as does air-blown heat in our homes.

THIS IS KEY: to help your skin maintain the water you give it, consider how the skin itself is designed to do so.  Sodiums and sugars within the cells are responsible for holding water in place and sebum produced in the oil glands released to the surface of the skin helps the bio-components themselves from drying out.  As I mentioned previously, as we age all of these become diminished thus the need to help our skin.  Moisturizing your body daily before the skin dries out is important.

  • Look for body and face moisturizers that contain water retaining ingredients like sodium PCA and sodium hyaluronate, beta-glucan and beta-fructan or polysaccharides.
  • Look for moisturizers that contain sebum-like oil such as squalane and oils that have nutritional omega-3  fatty acids like almond and olive and oils that help seal/sooth the skin like shea or sesame.

This is how I formulated my body lotion.

NOTE: a properly hydrated body should produce 6 to 8 cups of clear to slightly yellow urine per day.  If your urine is very yellow you are dehydrated.

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